Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tasty inspiration

via Martha Stewart Weddings

Give bubbly a boost with jewel-like cranberry-, pomegranate-, and apricot-infused sugar cubes. Working in batches, soak cubes in a bowl of fruit concentrate or puree until completely saturated. Remove with a fork, and place on a wire rack (don't let them touch); let dry overnight. Present cubes at a champagne bar, or serve them in passed drinks. The sweet, tangy taste will keep guests sipping long after the toasts.
                                                                                   - Martha Stewart Weddings, Fall 2007

Mmmm, how yummy does that sound? I would probably ditch the sugar cube step and just freeze juice or fruit puree into cubes. I think I might just have to do this for Jake's birthday this year....

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