Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dressing the Men Folk: Groomsmen

Oh my god, it is beyond ridiculous how excited I am about giving you the low down on what the men are wearing!!!

First, let me back up and start from the beginning...the very, very beginning. I hate rented tuxedos. They just scream "Hi! I was rented!" It's not so bad if you are going for the super formal tux look with the bow tie. But tuxes with the vests? During this process I have learned that I hate the vest options. YUCK! If they had vests plain black vests made from the same fabric as the pants and coat, this would probably be a non-issue. 

I have wanted the guys in black suits since we have been engaged. Little did I know that renting a suit is nearly impossible. After an exhaustive search and stress from another corner of the wedding planning world, Jake and I threw our hands up and called uncle. We will just keep it easy and rent tuxes from the big tux renting company.

We went to said place. I made Jake give me a fashion show and took crappy photos with my phone. We were in complete agreement on what the gents would wear. But something gnawed at me internally...for days...weeks actually. I tried to ignore it. I wanted to be a good bride and just go with the flow. I wanted it to be one last thing we had to deal with. I nagged Jake all last week to make a final decision so that we could let the guys know and thus be fitted. Jake went back and even had the sales rep help him take more photos in hopes to appease me.

Jake modeling the ensemble we had picked out for rental: 2-button tux, black satin vest, black diagonal striped tie.
The pants would be flat font (pleated is pictured). By the way, I also hate pleated pants and shiny, plastic rental shoes. 

Unfortunately for him, the stress mounted and the camel's back finally broke. I put my foot down. I wanted the men in suits. Simple black suits. And off we went to the department store in search of something that would make me happy.

We thought we struck it rich on the first try with Tommy Hilfiger's Slim Fit suits. The jacket fit Jake really well and would need minimal tailoring at the waist. On to the pants we went. Let's just say slim fit pants were too slim. And if they are too slim for Jake, they definitely are NOT going to work for the rest of the dudes. We moved our focus from Jake to the guys. Success! We found simple, 2-button, 2-piece, black suits (on SALE, too). Jake modeling the suit was one thing, we needed at least one of the guys to try it on. Somehow, we managed to get two of boys in the dressing room the next day. Perhaps it was the promise of food that helped? Either way, I'll take it.  

 Calvin Klein (Image via Macy's)

Pretty much looks just like the tux minus the satin lapel, right? Winning! Once we have everyone's sizes. I will do the dirty work of tracking then down and hopefully scoring them not only on sale but also with the additional discount by opening the charge card. I love me a good deal. Now onto ties, pocket squares, and socks. Oh and Jake's suit, too.

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