Wednesday, April 18, 2012

March 2012

It's funny. Looking back, we didn't do much in March, but yet it completely flew by. Advanced apologies for the photos, they're mostly crappy phone pictures.

We got our TV's fixed for FREE. Thank you class action settlement. Turns out our TVs had faulty capacitors. Yes, TV(S). Both of them. Guess that's what you get when you purchase your TVs at the same time. 
First went the 40" (October 2011).

Then the 46" started to go (January 2012).

My friends from back home came to visit. They were actually the first friends to visit and stay in our guest room. (My family doesn't count.) K and I met in college and have been close friends since. K wasn't able to make it to Vegas, and neither her or her husband were able to make it out for the wedding. That and they knew that we'd be super busy and wouldn't be able to spend quality time with them. 
K and D exploring our wedding venue.

The visit was a great way to celebrate K's birthday and give a nod to their 8th wedding anniversary (holy 8 years!). I was able to give them a pretty good New England experience between the Summer Shack and candlepin bowling.

Jake hosted game day for his friends. They busted out a new board game, Twilight Imperium. They lovingly call it "space lions" because there is a lion on the cover. In reality, lions have nothing to do with the game.
Space Lions took up our entire dinner table, with the leaf in place.
Photo shamelessly ripped from our friend A's FB page.

I opted not to participate in "space lions", but decided that I should start on our thnk you cards. I've been procrastinating on them. But I realize the longer I wait, the harder it will be to make myself sit down and work on them. I think my creative juices have moved on from paper products. 
This is how I should enjoyed all that wedding crafting.

Lastly, our honeymoon was in reach! Like, really within reach. Almost exactly a month before we were to board the plane for isolated awesomeness, the travel agency we booked with sent us a package with our itenerary, identification card, and luggage tags.

Yes, I know it's sideways. Yes, I'm too lazy to fix it.

*All photos personal unless noted*

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What happened in Vegas, never happened

We have all heard the saying "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." But, a wise cabbie told me, "What happens in Vegas, never happened." So I guess I have nothing to share with you. KIDDING. In fact, there are a couple of mini adventures that I experienced during my epic bachelorette weekend last June that I want to share with you.

My friend C and I went out a day early. Being that we are a) on East coast time and b) early risers, we though thtat an extra day would help get us acclimated before the rest of the girls (mostly West coasters) joined us. [Random side story - the b-party was originally planned for early May to coincide with celebrating not only my 30th, but my maid of honors 30th as well.] Jake made good use of the timing and schemed to arrange my surprise birthday present.

Jake mentioned that he had gotten me a birthday present, but that I could not have it until I was in Vegas. I had no idea what it was. In fact, so much time had passed that I had completely forgotten about it. I had more exciting things in the forefront of my brain, like my first trip to Las Vegas!

Working in cahoots with C and our hotel (Aria), they schemed and kept it all under wraps. C even tried to keep it completely secret until we arrived at our destination.

We were picked up in a limo. Both of us were oddly confused and caught off guard by it. So much so that I did not even notice the sign on the front windshield. The driver mentioned that we had 2 stops to make first. I still had no idea what we were doing...until a few minutes later. We pulled up to another hotel and scooched over to another part of the limo. That's when I caught the sign in the window, "Sundance Helicopters."

WHOOOHOOO we are getting a helicopter ride! Not just any helicopter ride, a ride at sunset over the strip.

You haven't seen Vegas have seen it from a helicopter!

A second adventure I want to share with you is of when I decided to take a photo walk of the 5 or 6AM! I was amped up after dancing all night and into the early morning. After getting back to the hotel, I decided it would be more fun to take pictures than to sleep. This is probably not one of my brightest moments (especially since I was sick the entire week after), but I have great pictures to show for it.

Sunrise over the strip...look how quiet it is.
Random dude that jumped into my shot. His name was David Nakamura.
Drunk guys who wanted me to chest bump one of them.
I declined, but offered to take pictures of them doing it.
I never did send them the stop motion video of the drunken chest bump.
My try at street photography. I later ran into this guy on the other side
of the strip and we proceeded to talk cameras for a good 15-20 minutes.

Deserted...everyone must be sleeping.

This was my first trip to Vegas. I had a fantastic time and will always treasure the memories and antics we had.

We stayed at:
Bubbles wall display - Aria
We ate at:
 • Social House - CityCenter (O.M.G. incredible sushi)

Opera Cake - Jean Philippe Patisserie
Red Champagne (hibiscus flower) - Social House
Blueberry French Toast - Mon Ami Gabi
We partied at:
 • Haze Nighclub (eh, not so great, but the girls saw one of the Celtics players while we were there)
 • XS Nighclub (AWESOME, go there. You can dance while standing ankle deep in the pool.)
 • Unmentioned - ask privately and I will tell you ☺

We saw:
 • Sundance Helicopter Tours
 • Hoover Dam

*All photos are personal photos*
**Note to self, post pictures to FB with captions and blog about those photos later**

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

7 month Anniversary

We've never been anniversary people. What I mean is that we don't celebrate with gifts or even big dinners. It's simply just another day. At least this was true for our dating anniversaries. But I doubt that we will stray far from the past.

Last month was a bit special. David Choi made a stop in Boston on on his 2012 Forever and Ever US/Canada tour. Who's David Choi? He's the genius behind our first dance song. (Sorry, I haven't done our wedding recaps so I haven't talked about it yet.) Here, take a listen:

Our first dance song By My Side; we had our dj slow the tempo down a tad for us.

When I found out that David was coming to Boston, I almost pee'd my pants. No, seriously. I told Jake that he was coming and Jake's response was, "Do I need to buy us tickets?" To which I violently shook my head up and down. I also told Jake that we would be staying late to grab his autograph and maybe a photo. How freaken cool would it be to meet the artist behind your first dance?!?!

March 28th, 2012 was here before we knew it. The concert was at Cafe 939 in Boston. The venue is small, I think they sold out at 200 tickets. Standing room mostly. There are a few couches pushed up against the walls.

Jeff LeBlanc opened for David. Jeff closed his act with Augustana's Boston. Fitting since he was playing in Boston. Random fact: This song was my theme song from 2006-2007.

Headliner Jeff LeBlanc checking the photo he took of the crowd.
(He might have actually been tweeting the photo)

It sucks being short and not being able to see over tall people or people with big hair. Yes, a person with big hair stood in front of me and moved to block my vision each time I moved. Luckily we were standing next to one of the couches and when David came up on stage, I was able to stand on the back of it and lean against the wall for support. Poor Jake didn't have much of a view, but he was content. As he put it, "I'm not a groupie like you."

David Choi playing This and That is Life for his opening song.

I not so secretly hoped that David would play our song. (Ha, I can finally say that we have a song!) I thought it might be a long shot since he was promoting his most recent album, but you never know right? I even posted this on my Facebook wall:

He didn't disappoint. I'm pretty sure that he just closed all his concerts on this tour with By My Side. Either way I'll take it!

David and us!

We stood in line after the concert to meet David along with everyone else. As Jake put it, I was starstruck. I had no idea what to say to David. I swear I threw my CD at him and had him sign it, asked for a photo and then practically ran for the hills. It probably didn't help that I had no idea how to use the camera app on the iPhone. The people in front of us had me take a picture and it took me 3 tries to take a single picture! How freaken embarrassing!! Luckily, Jake was quick on his feet and told David about our first dance so it wasn't too awkward. Just awkward enough.

How's that for excitement?

*All photos taken with point-and-shoot*