Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1 year: celebrating with food

Brunch: Aquitaine Chestnut Hill (not pictured)
We shared - House-made cinnamon roll with icing.
I ordered - Le Sandwiche Chicken Salade (with toasted almonds, red grapes, sweet basil on brioche with tarragon aioli).
He ordered - Vanilla French Toast (with maple bacon).
Notes - We love (LOVE) Aquitaine Boston in the South End. This experience at the Chestnut Hill location was terrible. Service was slow after lunch rush (it was 1pm!)even with a small number of guest. We tried to overlook this since the food is delicious. Well, it did not get better; they left out all the fun stuff that was supposed to be in my sandwich. I was served, chopped chicken mixed with mayo on bread. There was no almonds, no grapes, and definite no basil. It was a disappointing meal. I doubt that we will return to that location.

Dinner: B& G Oysters
We shared - 1 dozen oysters of the day (Fire Lake - Richibucto, N.B., Chef Creek - Baynes Sound, B.C., Royal Miyagai - Sunshine coast, B.C.) .
I ordered - Steamed Littleneck Clams (grilled sweet corn, chorizo, smoked clam jus).
He ordered - Maine Lobster Roll (french fries, bread and butter pickles).
Notes - If it was proper to lick my plate at the table, I would have done it. This is one of our favorite places and have always had a fantastic experience. The staff was friendly and very knowledgeable. If you can snag a table on the patio, do it! If not, it's also fun to watch the chef's work when dining inside.

Dessert: Max Brenner
I ordered - Chocolate Surprise Tiramisu (espresso soaked lady fingers, mascarpone cream, red berries, and a layer of chocolate truffle.
He ordered - Mexican Spicy Hot Chocolate (red chili, nutmeg, cinnamon and pepper).
Notes - This was our first time at Max Brenner's. Unfortunately, Jake was stuffed from dinner. I was equally stuffed, but I was hell bent on eating some chocolaty heaven that night. I do not think that my lady fingers were soaked in espresso, but that I did not mind one bit. Oh the ambiance! The presentation! And the dessert! Just go there!! 

Yes, that is a grid paper printed plate. Tiramisu served in a jam jar, yes please.
And oh yes, that is a mini beaker of chocolate sauce.
(Please excuse the cell phone pics. I really wished I would have taken my camera with me to dinner.)

Instagram @hungc
(I'm still working on the art form of self portraits.)

 - What I Wore - 
Dress - Pippa Dress, Tart via Ideeli (no longer available, similar here).
Belt - JCrew Factory (no longer available)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

1 year: anniversary shoot

Whoohoo! We made it a year without killing each other! (I'm such a romantic.) 

It's a little crazy to think that a whole year has passed since our big shindig. Makes me sad to think that it's been a year since I've seen my family and my friends from back home. 

Anyways, in case you are wondering: our first year of marriage was not any different than our engagement  or dating eras. But even after 5 years together (holy Batman, 5!), we continue to learn from one another, learn about one another, grow as individuals, and grow as a family.

I have always wanted the two of us to do a photo session in Boston. Something to document that this is the city we met in, the city we fell in love in (cheesy), and the city we lived in. Well, opportunity came knock on our door. Our friends C and A hired Jason to shoot their wedding. Jason, as in our amazing wedding photographer! So while he was in the area, we snagged him for a little photo session. 

Hop on over to Jason's (and his amaze-balls wife, Lucia) blog to check out the goods:  
Boston portrait session: Celia and Jakes first anniversary

Jason Angelini Photography
We we removed all the safety cones and stood on a sinkhole to get this shot!

My outfit:
Dress - Bike Lane Dress, Anthropologie (no longer available). I thought this dress was totally discontinued. Found one in a store but it was the wrong size. I had Anthro call around to ALL their stores trying to find one in my size. It was nerve wracking to wait a week before hearing back, but they found it!
Cardigan - Crew neck cardigan, Ann Taylor (color no longer available, similar here)
Belt - Remi Belt, Club Monaco. Flash your student ID for 20% off.
Shoes - Potent, Steve Madden (no longer available - circa 2006)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Life sends reminders

Last week was pretty rough at work. At one point I escaped to the mall down the street to cool off. Well, let's be real, I was planning on taking my frustrations out on my wallet. Somehow, I kept it together and spared my bank account. I did come across a book that caught my eye. Be happy. Remember to live, love, laugh, and learn. It's a simple coffee table book filled with random quotes. It was a nice reminder that there's more to life than my job.

My apologies for the crappy phone pic.

Today, a friend pinned this image on Pinterest:
via Bee of Design

It could not have come at a better time. I have always done things at my own pace. As has Jake. We are over the moon excited for all our friends (practically every soul we know) who are either buying or just purchsed a house, pregnant, or just had a kid. Truth be told, the child in me was beginning to feel left out. But we are not ready to join any of those wagons anytime soon. We are content doing our own thing. 

Jake may not believe in signs, but the girlie-human-unscientific side of me does. It's nice to be reminded to stay grounded and to be ourselves.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

July 2012

Photos 1-15 taken/edited with Instagram. Photo 16 taken with dSLR. 

This month, I finally joined the masses in the Photo a day challenge. So the update for July will have random photos peppered into it.

1.      Photo a day July 2: Busy. My printer was working hard on our thank you cards. Speaking of which, I should really finish up the last of them!
2.      Photo a day July 3: Best part of your day. Lunch, at least it was that day.
3.      Craft project for our first anniversary photo shoot.
4.      Festive by accident. I was making a quinoa fruit salad and the fruit I picked up just happened to be red and pink (it's close enough to white) currants and blueberries..
5.      Photo a day July 5: Floor. Sunset over Waltham from our 3rd floor apartment.
6.      Cute center pieces at C and A's Vermont barn wedding.
7.      First dance. Congrats to the newlyweds!
8.      Road tripping home after the epic wedding weekend in VT.
9.      Photo a day July 10: Favorite color. If caffeine had a color, it would be my favorite. In other news, my Starbucks habit has returned.
10.  Photo a day July 11: Letter. A handwritten note, aka our thank you cards.
11.  Photo a day July 12: Texture. Gears in my steampunk camera pendant. A present from C and A! (I must be the worst bride ever, I gifted my girls their hair and make-up; what kind of a present is that?)
12.  A photo session with one year old H. I can't believe she's one already!
13.  Photo a day July 23: Mirror. I was trying my hand at an artsy reflection shot. It also happened to be the one day I've had to wear my glasses in months.
14.  Photo a day July 24: Stranger. This 20mm/f2.8 lens "magically" appeared on my desk. I had been talking to my camera resource about a wide angle lens for traveling .
15.  Husband to the rescue! Once again, one of the "automated" scripts that I managed at work broke. Jake helped find the source of the failure and put a fix in place for me. Coding is so not my thing.
16.  My first quilt! Finally finished the sucker after hours and hours of sewing. It's been shipped back to Quilts for Kids headquarters where it will be dispatched to a child in need.