Friday, November 13, 2009

They're not even drunk!

I forget how this conversation started, but I do remember this:
Jake: Yeah, you should add me to your insurance. I'm already paying for it out of pocket.
Cel: Yeah, we should do that. Let's go to the courthouse and get it done. Then you can save money.
Jake: OK. Let's find a lawyer to draw up the pre-nup.
Mike: They're not even drunk!

3 days later:
Cel: How much are you paying for Cobra?
Jake: $X
*Celia does some math*
Cel: OK that cuts your payments in half if I add you onto my plan.
Jake: See, save money.
Cel: Yeah, save money! OK your job is to get the lawyer.
*conversation continues about legalities*
Cel: Wait, how much are we going to get screwed by taxes?
Jake: Oh we're going to be !@#.
Cel: Uh, doesn't that just negate any savings on the insurance.
Jake: Oh, yeah.
Cel: I don't want to get screwed. Why do I want to give the IRS my hard earned money? Do we have to get married? It's just a title right?