Thursday, October 3, 2013

October 1

October 1 and I have an interesting relationship. It seams that I do a lot of heavy traveling and/or have life changing experiences that begin on this date.

October 1, 2006 12:05am (or something really close)
My one way flight from Portland, OR landed at Boston Logan just after midnight. The flight attendant came over the intercom and announced our arrival, ending with "Welcome to Boston" and "Welcome Home!" I had to fight back the tears that were starting to well up in my eyes. With this one single cross country flight, I had left my life behind in Oregon to start a new on in Massachusetts. Happy anniversary to me!

October 1, 2010
Jake and I boarded a plan bound for Rochester, NY. We were on our way to a friend's fabulous wedding weekend.

October 1, 2012
After a crazy and slightly hectic experience, I made my flight and was headed off to London for a week with my BFF J.

October 3, 2013 
OK, so it's not October 1. But had things gone smoothly (apparently they never do), we would have closed on our house and been homeowners on 9/30-10/1. Instead, we will be signing the thick stack of papers this afternoon (I hope). Keep you fingers crossed for us. We are totally ready to be done with the home buying/building process and ready to move on to enjoying our home.