Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I know you are all dying for photos and stories from Vegas, but I need a few more days to recover before I can sift through all the photos.

In the mean time, I came across this photo. It is a picture of a food blogger's setup. I am currently in the market for a tripod. Not just any tripod, I want one from either the Giotto MT93 or MTL93 line. Why? Because they have an AWESOME 4th "leg" that can be placed parellel to the ground (and adjusted at additional angles in reference to the ground). The 4th leg allows for pictures to be taken from above.

Right now, most of my photos are either taken on my kitchen counter or on the kitchen table (most the table since it is right next to the window). I have not done a lot of overhead shots like this mostly because I do not have the setup. If I want an overhead shot, I have made like a monkey and climbed on chairs and the table.
via taylor takes a taste

via taylor takes a taste

Maybe I can register for one of these...

65 days.

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