Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Crazy Productive

Last weekend was crazy productive. I mean CRAZY PRODUCTIVE. Here's a quick recap:

Friday -
On a whim, I checked the Macy's site to see if they were having any good sales on men's suits. Seeing that Father's day is right around the corner, I thought maybe they would have something. I was so right. The suits we had picked out were on sale (same sale price as when we had spotted them 2 weeks or so ago). They were having a Private Men's Sale (25% off purchases over $100) on top of the sale price. And if that isn't enough to make you weak in the knees, they give an additional 15% off for opening a store charge card. So for the price of a tux rental, I got the boys suits, suits that they get to keep.

I was able to purchase 4 of 8 suits. We technically only need 5, but I figured my brothers are of an age where they should probably have a good suit in their closet. And that the suit my dad had custom made in Hong Kong or China back in 2005 isn't really black. Well it turns out that the male members of my family are far too small to fit into the smallest size that is available (go ahead and giggle, we did), so that is that.

Also, I found a couple of ties that we had previously picked out for the guys. Unfortunately, there was not enough of them at a single store, so I store hopped (hit 3 in one night), but still do not have all of them. Speaking of store hopping, I had to do it in order to pick up one of the jackets. One of the guys has a strange size, 38L. It was not available for order, but one of the stores just happened physically have it. Good thing I remembered seeing it. The sales rep did not believe me when I said that I thought I had seen it there the weekend before.

Saturday -
First item of the day was to drop my shoes off at the cobblers. Yes, I just said cobbler. I took my shoes to someone who had REAL experience with shoe repair. My red heels have rubber soles, which are great for walking, but horrible for dancing. Instead of spinning, I would be doing wierd jerky motions. Probably would not look too smooth, and definitely not the look I am going for. The cobbler will be putting suede leather on just the soles. For my dancing shoes, (I don't remember if I told you, I caved and will be wearing 3 pairs of shoes) the soles are too thin, so the cobbler will be adding a rubber sole to them. He mentioned that it was a great way to keep the integrity of the original soles and I could just replace the rubber as they became worn.

Because my 15% off pass was only good until the end of the day Saturday, I pulled the trigger and ordered the last suit blind. I did not have the last groomsmans measurements, but I figured, hey, lock it in at the fantastic price, and worry about exchanging for the correct size later. AND it did not dawn on me that I could just ship one of the suits directly to the bridesman (as opposed to having it shipped to me, and then me having to ship it to him). Done and done!

Our friends S and D came over to hang out and help craft late in the day. As you have probably figured out, I am not good at asking for help. In fact, I am down right horrible. Maybe it is pride. Maybe it is the fear that others won't do it my way. Well let me tell you. Extra set of hands are THE BEST. We blew through 3 projects between the 4 of us. Three!!! One of the projects being the big ticket item, our invitations. Great food, great company, fantastic time had by all. What more can a girl ask for?

Sunday -
I. FINISHED. THE. INVITATIONS! It has been my goal all along to finish them before my trip to Vegas and then to send them out when I get back. I was beginning to think they I would not make my personal deadline, but I was actually OK with that. Thanks to S and D, they were finished on time and look pretty amazing. In fact, they look exactly like my design. Also, they were finished 1 day before the expiration date on my trial copy of Adobe Illustrator. Whoohoo!

See what I mean about being crazy productive? I rewarded myself by sitting on the couch last night and not doing a single thing for the wedding. It felt great. I cannot wait until this weekend, 4 days completely removed from any form of crafting or planning. It will be the best only vacation I have had since...Ogunquit.

73 days.

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  1. A note from S - We were SO HAPPY to help! Being a perfectionist myself, I totally get you with the 'not having it done my way' thing... especially with crafts. And I truly feel honored that you had us help! :) I wish we could have done even more. I was so nervous when D was stamping those edges in quicksilver fashion... but he did a good job! (I do still feel a little bad about the edges of the you-know-whats not being exactly even - I'm sorry!)