Monday, June 27, 2011


This is one of the BIGGEST/BADDEST rage in the wedding biz: Paloma's Nest ring bowls. They were first introduced in 2007 and have been tugging at the heart strings of brides ever since. Bride's have been using them as ring pillows during the wedding and then reusing them as a place to keep their rings post wedding.

via Palmoa's Nest

They are beautiful, but they aren't "us". Why am I talking about this when I already have my ring pillow? Well, I am kind of a bad fiancĂ©. I do not wear my ring regularly. GASP!

I wear it mostly just in public. Altho, I have been known to run errands and have show up at family functions without it. WOOPSIE! I do a lot of things with my hands. Baking. Cleaning. Dishes. Assembling furniture. Disassembling furniture. Rearranging furniture. You get the picture. When we moved into our place, I was assembling lamps (with my ring on). Let's say, metal and metal is not good. My ring lost. Since then, I am super careful not to have it on. 

When am not wearing it, my ring ends up in all sorts of places. It does have a "home" in my bathroom (yes, we have separate baths). Sometimes, it just doesn't make it there. Other times, it is there and I just have a panick attack because I don't remember placing it there.

Anyways, for the last year or so, I have been trying to come up with cool, but safe things I can use as a ring holder. Here is one (genius) idea from Weddingbee blogger Mrs. Hot Wings:

Mrs. Hot Wing's rings reside in a soy sauce dish (via Weddingbee)

Awesome. BUT. I don't like the idea or sound of metal on ceramic. I want something softer than my ring. If I am going to do damage, I want it on the holder, not my ring. At some point in time, I booked marked this find:
via The New England Trading Co.

They are mini wooden pinch bowls. You know, the kind normally used for salt, pepper, and other spices? I also found these colorful pinch bowls by Le Creuset:
via discount cooking

Who says you can't use them for other things? Since I saw them in person at Sur La Table, snatched them up. The red one is in Jake's office since he loves red. The green one is in the kitchen; I'm on some sort of green kick. The yellow one is in my bathroom matching my yellow and blue duck theme. And the blue one sits on my desk at work. Perfect.

53 days.

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  1. When we were engaged, I'd forget my ring all the time. Chris 'cured' me of that by hiding it whenever he found it in the bedroom or bathroom. Hated that! I'd have a panic attack, thinking I'd lost it. Such a funny guy....