Thursday, April 8, 2010

Venues - The Winner

Drum roll please..................................may I present to you, our venue:

Decordova exhibits are mostly sculptures focused on modern and contemporary art (yes modern art is different from contemporary art, I just looked this up). Paula found this place for us while we were actually visiting Castle Hill on Crane Estate. She said that she couldn't help but think of us while she was there. It would have never crossed our minds since neither one of us are fans modern art (or contemporary), but Paula  totally called it!

It actually took us two visits before we realized that it was THE place. The first time we went, we took full advantage of a warm spring like day of the year. To Jake, it was as if were at the zoo (for those who don't know, Jake LOVES the zoo). Armed with a map, we proceeded to try and see all the sculptures on the property in numerical order. I followed his lead, but at the same time I was trying to imagine where a tent would be set up on the property. 

Unfortunately, not all of the sculptures were out. Some they remove for the winter and they also try to clean up the park and cycle new sculptures in before Spring. We were really excited to see the giant piggy bank and the trojan rooster. But alas, neither was there. Jake later found out that the piggy bank was destroyed by a rogue tree a few years back. I'm sure your asking, why would we be that excited about a pig sculpture? You see, we've got this joke between us where we constantly make piggy noises at each other. It's because I'm constantly eating and Jake is usually eating sweets. One of us will jokingly say "Do you really need that?" to which the other will respond with a "Yes, yes I do." This is then followed by pig grunts SNORT SNORT SNORT.


We had an appointment set up with Jessica, the events director a few days later. It just so happened to be the next sunny day! It was great to be able to go back and look at things with a different eye. Especially since we were busy running around the property trying to find all the sculptures. During our visit with Jessica she showed us all of our options on the property. As soon as she showed us where we could put the tent outside, we knew that this was our venue. Before we left, we had Jessica pencil us in for two dates: 8/20/2011 and 8/27/2011.

We remembered to bring out camera on this outing, so we have pictures to show! We didn't take any pictures of the building, and the one's on the web just don't do this place justice, so you'll just have to kind of use your imagination. The building used to be a summer home of Julian de Cordova that has since been expanded and converted into the museum.

(Aerial view of the museum - Source)

Here is the property map. We (and our guests) will get free reign of all 35 acres and the inside of the museum on our wedding day. Our tent will be set up on the Main Lawn, while our ceremony will be up on the Sculpture Terrace, overlooking the lake.

(Property map, the top of the map is West - Source)

Finally, we have pictures of us and some of the sculptures. Click on photo for larger version.

(Personal photos)

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  1. oh my god I can already picture you guys on your wedding day standing with those big hearts. how AWESOME. I love it, totally fits.