Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Venues - The Rejects

When we first got engaged (6+ months ago!), I had posted about Platinum wedding venues. Keeping the look of Belle Mer and Oheka Castle in mind, but within our budget, Paula came up with a fairly extensive list of possible venues for us. First up, the rejects:

The Connors Center
+The building exterior is pretty
+There is greenery
-There doesn't seem to be that much to the grounds
-We dislike the building interior
(Source - compilation by me)

Moraine Farm
Their website is terrible, cick HERE for better pictures
+The sunken garden and fountain is a pretty spot; although somewhat overgrown in some pictures
+Terrace overlooking the water
+There seems to be a lot of green space
-Dislike the look of the buildings; a little rustic for our tastes
-Not a fan of the "gazebo" like structure (I think it's what they call the Tea House)
(Source - compilation by me)

Rennaissance Golf Club
+The view of the front 9 is a bit prettier than the Granite Links course
-The website is terrible, there are no pictures of the inside of the venue or the veranda!
-Located out in Haverhill

Lyman Estate
-Neither one of us likes this venue. There's nothing much to the grounds from the pictures (big green lawn, then big white mansion). Perhaps it's just bad pictures?
(Source - compilation by me)
Glen Magna
+Pretty grounds to be pretty (walkways, fountains and gardens)
-Interior isn't attractive.
-Looks more like a farm house with nice gardens. The grounds strike me as more whimsical.
(Source - compilation by me)

Tupper Manor
Jake and I loved this place. We thought it was IT. The grounds are gorgeous. The fountain is fabulous. There's an Inn on the same property. Here, comes the BUT...there's no room on the grounds for a tented reception. BOOO!

Stayed tuned for Part 2, the contenders...

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