Friday, May 31, 2013

A day in pictures: 5.7.2013

This is the first of a new series I'm calling "a day in pictures". If you are an Instagram friend, feel free to stop reading as this will be a repost of images you have already seen. 

May 7, 2013, the original plan - take the day off and celebrate me. I was planning to start with a trip to the spa; get my facial on, full body massage, and maybe throw in a mani and a pedi. 

May 7, 2013, the reality - the Commonwealth of Massachusetts had other plans. They scheduled me for a court hearing in the middle of the effing day. Seriously? WTF?! You are probably wondering what the hearing was for. It was to contest the insurance hike due to my car accident. MA automatically faults the driver in a single car accident. 

Thanks for nothing, MA. I won the case. Pretty sure that I have no control over the weather.

Court took a whole 5 minutes (It took me 45 minutes to find the stupid place!) so I decided to enjoy the rest of the afternoon in Boston. I parked under the Common...

Found my way to City Hall Plaza on a mission to find the Mei Mei food truck...

Ordered too much food, but it was so good!

Left: The Double Awesome - scallion pancake sandwich with poached egg, pesto, and Vermont cheddar.
Right: Beef Dumplings and friend rice.

After wandering around Faneuil Hall for a bit, I texted a friend to ask her about the bar she recommended. Unfortunately, I got there 20 minutes before it opened. So I grabbed a soy latte at Barrington Coffee next door.

Coffee lovers, go here!
Drink - The Bohemian. I think it contained St. Germain, gin, grapefruit juice, and bitters.
Great cocktails, highly recommend this joint.

Since I was already in Boston and didn't have a real agenda (other than walking around and eating/drinking), I made my way to the Apple Store to purchase Jake's birthday present. (His friends thought it was hilarious that a) I bought his bday present on my birthday, and b) gave it to him the same day.) I meandered slowly back towards the Common to meet up with him for "dinner."

Public Garden. It was just a gorgeous day!

Bugatti! Just happened to walk past this beauty. If only it had been gifted to me...

"Dinner" - Boston Cream Pie. I was still full from all the noshing throughout the day that I just grab a sweet treat from Thinking Cup

My random, organic walk. Almost 5.5 miles!!! (Click on photo to enlarge)

I probably should have worn sneakers, but my feet were good until the very end. (Sandals blogged here).

Happy Birthday to me! Not a shabby day after all.

*All photos taken via Instagram

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