Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Easter 2013

This post is only 2 months late. 

We hosted our first family dinner this year! We had Jake's parents over for Easter. Originally, the plan was to go out to a local restaurant. But as Easter got closer (the week before), we decided that it would be better to just stay home. No crowds to deal with! Plus, I could control the ingredients without badgering potential servers.

With only a week, I started compiling ideas (because you know that I can't keep things simple) and creating a menu. Honey Baked Ham took care of the ham, while I threw a few side dishes together: twice baked sweet potatoes, vegan mac n' cheese with quinoa pasta, spring salad, and hard boiled eggs. For dessert we had macarons from Macaron Sweeterie, chocolate covered macroons found at Whole Foods, and mini lobster tails I snagged from a wedding I had been working the night before.  

Now onto the decor details...

Bunny folded napkins! Whatever you do, do not follow the Martha Stewart instructions. They won't work. I think I followed this one.

Flowers and votives were leftover from the wedding I was working. Perks of being a wedding planner's assistant.

Calligraphy Easter Eggs! Get this, they're actually tattooed! I followed Oh Happy Day's tutorial. But saved some money by purchasing the tattoo paper from Amazon. So one tip that I want to share with you. You need to cut out all the excess tattoo paper. As in, cut out the blank space around the letters and between words. But leave enough so that it is still connected in one piece. This will help make the tattoo look smooth and seamless. 

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