Thursday, August 2, 2012

July 2012

Photos 1-15 taken/edited with Instagram. Photo 16 taken with dSLR. 

This month, I finally joined the masses in the Photo a day challenge. So the update for July will have random photos peppered into it.

1.      Photo a day July 2: Busy. My printer was working hard on our thank you cards. Speaking of which, I should really finish up the last of them!
2.      Photo a day July 3: Best part of your day. Lunch, at least it was that day.
3.      Craft project for our first anniversary photo shoot.
4.      Festive by accident. I was making a quinoa fruit salad and the fruit I picked up just happened to be red and pink (it's close enough to white) currants and blueberries..
5.      Photo a day July 5: Floor. Sunset over Waltham from our 3rd floor apartment.
6.      Cute center pieces at C and A's Vermont barn wedding.
7.      First dance. Congrats to the newlyweds!
8.      Road tripping home after the epic wedding weekend in VT.
9.      Photo a day July 10: Favorite color. If caffeine had a color, it would be my favorite. In other news, my Starbucks habit has returned.
10.  Photo a day July 11: Letter. A handwritten note, aka our thank you cards.
11.  Photo a day July 12: Texture. Gears in my steampunk camera pendant. A present from C and A! (I must be the worst bride ever, I gifted my girls their hair and make-up; what kind of a present is that?)
12.  A photo session with one year old H. I can't believe she's one already!
13.  Photo a day July 23: Mirror. I was trying my hand at an artsy reflection shot. It also happened to be the one day I've had to wear my glasses in months.
14.  Photo a day July 24: Stranger. This 20mm/f2.8 lens "magically" appeared on my desk. I had been talking to my camera resource about a wide angle lens for traveling .
15.  Husband to the rescue! Once again, one of the "automated" scripts that I managed at work broke. Jake helped find the source of the failure and put a fix in place for me. Coding is so not my thing.
16.  My first quilt! Finally finished the sucker after hours and hours of sewing. It's been shipped back to Quilts for Kids headquarters where it will be dispatched to a child in need.

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