Friday, August 26, 2011

Down to days: 6 and 7

Other things we did the week before:
  • Finalized song for mother/son dance

  • Checked in with our cinematographers

  • Finalized all the music selection, name announcement, and timeline with our DJ

  • Ran out and purchased washi tape in the correct color. As it turns out, I totally didn't have to do this.

  • Apply newly purchased washi tape to remaining two escort cards. Again, totally didn't have to do this. *sigh*

  • Attended our last wedding as an engaged couple. Congrats to S and R!

  • I remember waking up early to finish projects. I remember it being a full day, but I can't remember for the life of me what I actually did.

  • I think I scored and folded the escort cards and then cut and glued the photo sharing information to the insides of the escort cards.

  • Maybe this was also the day that Jake helped glue all the photos to the front cover of our programs.

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