Monday, August 29, 2011

Down to days: 1

  • Woke up early to place all the escort cards in their respective envelopes. Thankfully I had the smarts to put them in alphabetical order long ago.

  • Packed up most things and got them ready for transport to the hotel. I recognized that I needed help and asked N to check me in and take a bunch of stuff to the room.

  • Jake took my family out on a duck boat tour while I went back to the spa for a manicure.

  • Made little signs for all the different things that would be served for dessert.

  • Fielded phone calls and text messages left and right. I wanted to throw my phone out a window. I remember yelling "just leave me alone! why won't you people just leave me alone?" Thankfully, I was alone and no one ever saw that ugly side.

  • Had mini meltdowns throughout the afternoon. I tried hard to choke back tears. There's only so much you can do when you are handed bad news (more on this later). Luckily, my pride was nice and strong and I was able to stifle the sadness and focus on tasks that needed to be done.

  • Had my family bust out some last minute DIY project. Project baby photos. I really had something different in my mind, and was ready to just call it. I really shouldn't have done it, but after hearing my dad say "you should do it", I couldn't deny the man.

  • We rehearsed and had a blast at the welcome dinner. I felt bad that people got lost and what not, but what could I have done?

  • After the welcome dinner was all wrapped up, I headed home to make signage for the photobooth and build-a-cupcake station. Somehow, I completely forgot to make one for the guestbook. *sigh*

  • "Quickly" packed my bag and headed to the hotel with all the guys's suits/shirts/shoes in tow. Well almost all the guys's. As we found out the next day, we forgot all about Jake's suit. Why did I do that? I had grand plans to stage all their outfits together for photos. Let me tell you, on the day of, I threw most of my ideas in the wind and just let my photographer do whatever.

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