Sunday, July 3, 2011


We started ring shopping almost a year ago. I knew exactly what I wanted, but was having trouble finding it. 6 months later, we returned to Oregon. We tried visiting the original ring that I had identified as a potential, but was dissappointed. It's a good thing we double checked!. However, we did find it on this trip.

Enough jabber.

My precious! Not an eternity band.

2.6 mm band, just like I wanted.

Don't they look fabulous together?

Ignore my outgrown/chipping polish.

Low profile as to not rub against the prongs of the e-ring.

Look, the back of the bands match!

Jake's ring has a different story. His idea for what he wanted changed quite a bit from start to finish. At first, he wanted a plain band with a shiny finish. But in the end he wanted a band with a brushed finish (matte). In addition, Jake wanted it engraved with my Chinese last name.

Around Christmas, I decided to get him his own engagement ring. My reasoning was that it took me a year to become used to wearing mine (inconsistently). I thought he might want to practice wearing a ring. I purchased a tungsten ring from Overstock.

When it came time look for his ring, he knew what he wanted, but couldn't find it. A brushed finished would "dull" and begin to look like a worn polished finish over time. I can see this occuring if you do lots of manual labor with your hands, but it's probably a non-issue with Jake. While white gold and platinum rings are engravable, none of them came in a plain brushed finished. There was always extra embellishments, like a polished edge. Tungsten was the only type of ring that came in the right finish we wanted, but it's not engravable. 

Rather than face dissappointment and having to make decisions (he hates make decisions, especially when pressured), he chose to keep is practice band as his wedding band. We discussed upgrading his ring in a couple of years.

Close up shot, the brushed finish was hard to capture.

Even with the brushed finish, the surface is highly reflective.

47 days. 2 posts in one day...guess I'm trying to make up for the past couple of days.

*all photos by me!*

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