Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Digital Camera 1: Assignment 1

I have completed 2 weeks of my 8 week photography workshop. Last week's session was really REALLY slow, but it picked up some this week.

Our first assigment was go take photos of things that interest us using the Program mode. Program mode is essentially the same as Automatic mode, except the flash does not pop up on you. Personally, I hate program mode, but that is just me. 

Here were my submissions. Note: we were not supposed to touch them up for submission, the photos posted here have been slightly edited for contrast.

Homemade tomato soup (Tillmook recipe) and grilled cheese on sprouted whole wheat bread.

Apparently, April is national grilled cheese month. Who knew? My instructor sent this photo over after seeing mine.

Heritage Bundt Cake. Click on the photo for recipe and details.

Gluten free banana bread with 70% Callebaut chocolate. Click  on photo for recipe and details.

The class did not spend hardly any time on my photos during the critique session, so I'll take it as a good thing. It may have helped that we were running into overtime.

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