Friday, April 15, 2011

4 months

We are 126 days out! I am this close -->||<-- to freaking out because it seems a bit too real. As we get closer, I'll be hammering out more and more projects. Some I will share with you here, and some I will keep a complete secret until the day of. There is a lot of details, guess that is what happens when you are Type-A and have an eye for details. Wait, was that an oxymoron?

Moving right along...with the done list:
  • Just days after my meltdown, we found and booked our cinematographer
  • We have chalkboard speech bubbles for our faux-to-booth. What is a faux-to-booth you ask? Well, you know what a photobooth is right? You know that box with a camera in it, a small bench that barely fits your ass and half of mine? Oh and it takes photos of you in 4 poses? Well, we are not having a box, but we will have a camera set up for folks to ham it up in front of. Drunk friends with some fun props should end is some hilarious photo keepsakes.
  • We have mustachios on a stick! Our planner told us to keep it a secret, OOPS!
  • We, (and by that I mean, our planner) renegotiated our contract with our venue and saved ourselves a ton of money. I saw that the website for our venue had been updated with options that were not there a year ago. Of course I had to follow up on it. Worse case they tell me "no".
  • I have been working on our ring pillow. I'll show you the trial and the finished product when I finally finish it. Ugh is the word I'd use right now.
  • My girls and I planned my bachelorette party. Can you say VEGAS!? Sorry, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, at least that's what the saying goes. This will be my first trip out to there EVER. I'm pretty sure that this will be pretty epic.
  • We purchased my wedding band. More on this when I actually have it in my grubby hands.
  • We finally have all of the fabric for my Chinese dress picked out. The buttons however remain to big GIANT pain.

Now onto the to-do list:
  • Suits/Tux rentals
  • We need to find a tent company. Oh and we may be able to save money by splitting the costs with the couple who are getting married at our venue the very next day.
  • Welcome dinner venue and caterer
  • Morning after brunch venue and menu
  • Transportation
  • Finalize the centerpieces
  • Finalize the dinner menu
  • Print, assemble, and send invitations
  • The maid of honor still needs a dress
  • The mother of the bride still needs a dress (do not get me started on this)
  • Table numbers
  • Programs need to be designed, printed, and assembled
  • Menus need to be designed, printed, and assembled
  • Guestbook - I think I have an idea, just needs to be executed
  • Cardbox - aiya...another big GIANT pain that I have been avoiding. I may end up outsourcing the project and completely scrapping it to save my sanity.
  • Chair signage - do we even need signage? seriously?
  • Welcome packages for out of town guests - oh...there is so much to do for this alone...again, maybe I should just outsource.

I think there is a shit-ton more that goes on the to-do list, but I do not have the brain power, nor do I even want to begin to list them all for my own peace of mind.


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