Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oregon 2011 - Day 4

Last day. *sigh* It started much like the previous days, only slightly later. My internal clock was finally getting in tune with pacific time. Yeah, just in time for us to get on a plane and go back to our life on eastern time, right?

Anyways, we met up with the "extended" family for a dim sum (chinese tapas) lunch at Legin Restaurant. Do not go here if you are ever in PDX. The food is just OK, it's cheap, but it's not as good as say, Wong's King. During lunch we handed out printed save-the-dates to those that I did not have email address for (aka, all of them). And as I talked about before, folks were thoroughly confused and thought we were handing out the invitations. It probably did not help that I just handed them the printed photo with no words or anything. OOPS!

Us kids (and my mom) ditched the adults (aka dad and his friends) to take advantage of the Adidas employee store. Whoohoo for 50% off retail! I lost track of how much time we spent there. I also did not want to keep track of how much I was spending while I was in there. Suffice to say, I was good and did not buy a ton of stuff, but both Jake and I made purchases that we will put to good use. 

You guys remember Ked's? I remember that I just HAD to have them in my youth. But my parents were kind of broke so I ended up with knock-offs that my god parents brought back from China for me. Well, apparently they are making a comeback. See exhibit A from JCrew:


Anyways, I scored myself the Adidas version for $25. Whoohoo! I normally wear shell-toes. And I would have gotten a pair of the "keds" and the shells, but but I decided against a second pair for the sake of the wallet (even though they were 50% off) and the sake of my suitcase. Now that is what I call self control. *pats self on the back*

Shopping makes me hungry, how about you? After working up an appetite and not wanting to end our joyous hanging out session, we sibs (keep in mind this is me, Jake, both my brothers, my brother's girlfriend, my "adopted" brother, and my mom) decided to grab a snack at Mojo Crepes. Um, HELLO! Crepes and ice cream, together?!?! HEAVEN!

Left column: (top) Jake digging in. (bottom) A and P (my newly "adopted" brother).
Middle: Mojo - nutella, strawberries, bananas, and vanilla ice cream.
Right: (top) Crepes menu. (bottom left to right) Harris being all asian , wall art.

****This is getting a bit long. I'm going to break this post up into two. Stay tuned for the conclusion.***

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