Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oregon 2011 - Day 2

Day 2 was fairly low key, just as the previous day. We found little things to explore around Portland. We found a cute cafe nearby to grab yummy breakfast. Arleta Library Bakery Cafe. Along the way we spotted a a moss covered roof that had Jake giggling about for 15 minutes.

Clockwise from top left: Menu, Pane Dolce - Pearl Bakery brioche with whipped honey butter, organic maple syrup and seasonal fresh fruit, Portland’s Best Biscuits-n-Gravy - Thinly sliced house-roasted pork loin nestled between two savory biscuits and smothered with peppery rosemary sausage gravy; served with Library Fries, Jake not too excited about being photographed before his coffee.

I think this is the restroom building at the Mt. Scott Park.

Jake likes to troll around real estate websites looking to see what his money can buy him in different neighbohoods around the world. Yes, world, not just country. He had found a handful of homes in the West Hills area of Portland. West Hills reminds us of Beacon Hill in Boston. The homes are all within arms distance of one another and are very narrow, you can literally see through the entire house from the street. The only good thing about these homes is that they sit up on the hill overlooking downtown Portland. I tried to tell Jake that the homes were older and that the homes had no land, but there is no getting through to that guy once he has made up his mind. So we drove through the area to check things out and pull his head out of the clouds so to speak.

While the weather was cold and rainy, your typical winter day in Oregon, (it was sunny and mid-40's the day before) we took to trapezing around Pittock Mansion. In all the years of my life, I never knew this place existed! We are going to have to go back on a clear (and warm) day just for the views.

Top row, left to right: Creepy dolls in the children's room. Old school intercom system. Moss covered wall on the property.
Second row: View of downtown Portland from the property, note it was a cloudy day otherwise you'd see Mt. Hood. Signage.
Third row: (top) Ceiling in one of the side rooms. (bottom) Music/sitting room. Sweeping stair case. Foggy, moss covered trees.
Bottom row: View of downtown Portland. Pittock Mansion from the back side.

That night we were going to meet up with friends for sushi and drinks. I thought one of the girls was bringing her husband, but he had plans for guys night out...down the block. The smart thing would have been to leave Jake with the boys after dinner, but they were pretty hammered. But it all worked out. I got my girl time and Jake was there to see how much I missed them, how much they missed me, and how much fun I've been missing out on.

Me and my girls at Bartini. They have THE best pomagranate martinis!

*All photos taken by me, except the last one, Jake took that one.

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