Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Boom! Boom! POW!

We had a very different 4th of July experience this year. For the last 3 years, we've always been in Boston to see the fireworks show on the Esplanade. The first year, which was also our second date (I think), we had to go early and "camp-out". We both remember this being a very wet and somewhat of a cold night. Luckily the rain let up and the show went on. The last two years we lucked out since Jake's apartment overlooked the Esplande AND had a roof deck in which the tenants could watch the fireworks from.

This year we spent the 4th down in CT hanging out with Jake's parents on their awesome deck. Burgers, hot dogs, sides, family, friends, and bean bag toss! It was just a lazy day, although it couldn't have been any other type of day since it was the first day of the heat wave.

We also had a second 4th of July BBQ two weeks later. Well, we didn't, rather, Jake's parents did. This time it was for the other side of the family. Thank goodness for much lower temperatures. Remember our first post on Little A? She's HUGE now; 6 months old and cutting teeth. Of course, we naturally played Pass the Baby. While Jake was holding her she started using his arm as a teething post. Let me tell you, she really liked the arm! She was went to town on it. During my turn, I blew really slow raspberries at her. I've never seen a baby so confused and fixated on one thing in my life. Her little brow would furrow and she'd focus on my mouth.

Nom nom nom nom, Jake arm.

The face says it all: what the heck are you doing crazy lady?

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