Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wedding Train: Stop #2

Abbey and Matt
June 5, 2010
Rochester Museum and Science Center
Rochester, NY

Jake was able to have some quality guy time with one of his college buddies at this wedding since I was unable to attend. Jake tried to take pictures of the event, but after a few beers in, a finger covered the shutter. But have no fear, I have shamelessly ripped pictures from Facebook that were posted by the groom!

Just from the pictures alone, I'm in love. The image in my head of what our wedding will look like was captured in their photos. And get this, Abbey and Matt even had milk and cookies as a late night snack! As I told Matt, I need to come up with a new late night snack plan.

Photos by Jake - Left: cocktail hour with a mastodon (actually I have no clue if the skeleton is of a mastodon here, but the picture below is of a mastodon. Top Right: science+wedding=nerd heaven! Bottom Right: yes, that is a ball pit.

(Photos shamelessly, but with permission, ripped from Matt's Facebook album. Photo credits: J. Biser, B. Trachimowicz, A. Clymer, S. O'Neil, R. Clymer)

All Aboard! Next stop: Folsom, CA

Wedding Train: Stop #1

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