Thursday, July 15, 2010

(almost) Heart Attack #1

You would think that a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders after finding and ordering my bridal gown. However, with my personality that was not the case. I worried about the color; is it going to be too white? I worried about the alterations, will taking it in ruin the dress? Is the salon going to order the right dress? Will the manufacturer send the right dress? Paula, our planner, assured me that everything will turn out. She assured me that alterations will be seamless (haha, pun) and that the seamstress is a master at what she does. I breathed a sigh of relief and let my worries slip from my mind. Then I recieved the following voicemail yesterday:

"Hi Celia. This is so-and-so at La Reine Bridal. The gown that you ordered does not come in the length that you need from the company."


My heart practically thumped out of my chest as I continued to listen to the message. My mind was racing with thoughts. OHMYGOD, it's only been a month and already things are futzed up?!?!

As it turns out, I could not have my gown made to a specified length by the manufacturer, but the seamstress has seen the sample dress and she said that it would be no problem at all. The salon wanted to give me a heads up so that I didn't flip out when the dress came in and was longer than I had asked for. Thank you, thank you, thank you La Reine. I can't put into words how appreciative I am for this heads up.  

So, no heart attack, but my worries will crop up again. I ordered my dress hallow to hem (length) so that one less alteration would need to be made. I didn't do this be cause of price, the cost is the same whether the manufacturer does it or a seamstress does it. I did so because I figured less alterations means less degradation of the original gown. I'm sure everything will turn out beautifully in the end, but until then...

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