Friday, July 9, 2010

Milestone: White Dress!

*squeal* I bought MY dress (a month ago)! *squeal* Yay for another milestone completed!

I'm not the type of girl that has been dreaming (and planning) my wedding since I was young. But I will admit that at one point in my life, I did imagine my wedding dress. It was this GIANT poofy thing. What girl doesn't want a princess ballgown? I'll have you know that I'm older, wiser, a touch more mature and thus I didn't not purchase a big poofy dress.

Here's the disclaimer, I will not post any pictures of my dress or any of the dresses I've tried on prior to the wedding for two reasons. 1) Jake reads this blog and wants to be completely surprised on our wedding day. 2) My dress is so awesome (at least I think so) that I want it to be one of the many surprises that we have in store for our guests.

I won't tell you about how I came to find my dress just yet. It probably won't be much fun to read without all the pictures that go with it. You will just have to sit tight for 13.5 months!

Now if only I could just find a seamstress to make my chinese dress. BAH!

This is the dress I imagined as a young girl. Image is captured from 98 Degrees music video for I Do (Cherish You).

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