Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Impromptu Vacation - Ogunquit, ME: Day 3

There's a walking path along the water's edge in Ogunquit called Marginal Way. It's very similar to the Cliff Walk in Newport, RI. We caught ourselves calling it Cliff Walk a few times, oops. We went south by foot and headed back to Perkin's Cove. We loved the Lobster Shack so much that we went back for round two. The owner remembered us too! This time we went with the boiled lobsters. On the way to Perkin's, we ran into my coworker, Steve. He informed us that George Bush, Sr. was dining at Barnacle Billy's. We didn't see him, but we did walk right past the secret service guys in the parking lot.

After lunch we headed back to the main drag via Marginal Way, and wouldn't you know it, we ran into Steve for a second time. Remember Mau-Mau from the knick-knack shop? We hit up the ice cream shop next door. Jake picked up some Moose Tracks while I indulged in Black Raspberry ice cream. It turns out that black raspberries is a version of the blackberry. Neither one of us can really eat and walk at the same time. So we kind just hung out in front of the knick-knack shop. Of course, Jake found his cat friend and went in to pet it.

Before heading back to the hotel to rest, we made one last trip to the beach. We have a growing collection of sand from every beach that we visit: Aruba, St. Lucia, Oregon, and now Maine. While at the beach, we got to witness a beach wedding, as I previously blogged about here. On the way back to the Inn, we ran into Steve for a third time! How crazy is that?

We ended our last night at the beach with tapas at Gypsy Sweethearts. We ate everything before I even thought about taking pictures.


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