Thursday, January 5, 2012

10 in 115: Update

Here is the update on my 10 in 115 list. I had put it together a couple of weeks after our wedding and was hoping to complete all 10 items by the end of the year.

  1. Finish the 2 crochet projects that I have started. I start projects, but rarely do I finish them. Usually, I just mess up towards the end and then proceed to unravel the entire thing.
    • DONE! Not only did I finish the two baby blankets, I also started and finished 2 pairs of super cute baby booties, 2 pairs of baby ballet slippers, a scarf, 2 hats, and a pair of wrist warmers. It’s ok, you can say it. Yes, I’m a freaken nut job. To be honest, it was kind of soothing.
      I totally forgot to photograph the scarf before giving it away.
      All photos by me.
  2. Make a profit off a cupcake order. I lose money on most jobs. Guess its time to get serious and raise the prices.
    • Done for myself and for charity.
      • My one and only order for Christmas put some money in my pocket.  
      • We have a bake sale at work, twice a year. I almost always bake. For the most recent sale, sold 71 Oreo cupcakes. At $2 each, that’s $142 that I contributed to charity. No one can tell me that I don’t give.
  3. Clean out my closet and take out all the old clothes that I do not wear. I still have articles of clothing I bought in Hong Kong 6 years ago that I have never worn or will ever wear.
    • FAIL. I’m pulling out one or two items here and there, but I haven’t spent the time to actually clean it out.
  4. Cook a three course meal. I haven't cooked a good meal in a long time. And to think, I used to cook every night for my roommates during my internships. 
    • Technically FAIL. I haven’t made a three course meal, but I have made 2 course meals. Friends of ours are new parents, so when we went to meet their bundle of joy, we also brought them dinner. I’ve probably made a few for us, too.
  5. Throw a dinner party. Even better, a murder mystery dinner party.
    • HooHA! I threw a fantastic 1920’s themed murder mystery potluck dinner party. I can totally check this one off the bucket list.
    • Also, we had a NYE dinner party.
  6. Clean out my car. It was looking pretty bad just before my sunroof shattered. Insurance covered the clean-up, but now that the family is gone, my car is now one large trash can. Don't believe me? There are two empty Starbucks cups in the center console storage thingy. I had to move them from the cup holders in the center console to make room for my fresh cup of coffee the other day. Yea...that's pretty bad.
    • Well, it was done unintentionally. As Jake was packing up his car for the trip down to CT for Christmas, he realized that he had a flat tire. So while I was arranging things in the trunk of my car, Jake picked up all the trash in the cabin.
  7. Explore Chicago with my BFF Jack. OK, so this is a gimme since we are planning to do this at the end of the month. I just need to buy my plane ticket and book the hotel.
    • A trip that I will remember forever. We’re already talking about our next adventure.
    • The famous Chicago was just alright.

  8. Redecorate our bedroom.
    • FAIL. I’m going to play the “broke” and “lazy” cards here.
  9. Design, create, and mail out Thank You's to our wedding guests.
    • Total FAIL! I was supposed to make these and send them out in lieu of Christmas cards. We didn’t send out Christmas cards either.
  10. Plan my trip home.
    • Looks like I’ll be visiting home two or more times this year!
      • April after our honeymoon. I’m headed to CO a few days after we get back from Bora Bora, so instead of flying back to Boston and working for those days and flying back out, I’ll fly up to Portland and hang out with my family for a few days and then head to Boulder.
      • September to start and end my sabbatical travels. My current plan is to explore Australia and New Zealand (and maybe Malaysia, Singapore, and/or Japan). We’ll see what my bank account has to say about that.
      • This just in, September is going to be full of west coast traveling. We have weddings to attend on 9/1 (OR) and 9/15 (WA)!

Not too shabby. This was more of a to-do list rather than a list of items to promote personal growth. I'll work on that this year.

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