Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tales from a Crafty Bridesmaid: B-Party

Back in July, I celebrated with N at her bachelorette party. I'm not going to spill any details, but rest assured it was a great time had by all.

I do want to share a new learning. I learned how to wear my heels all night long with ZERO blisters! Let me introduce you to my new best friend; anti-chafing block. It's like a wax that you rub on to your feed (or anywhere else). If you read the ingredients, you'll realize that it is basically vegetable oil in solid form. This will work for any shoes, not just heels. I wore my 3 inch heels all night long and no complaints.

Photos: Hungce (aka me). I should start using my logo again.

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  1. why oh why did I not see this post before Saturday night's dancefest???? Good to know though I will be purchasing!!