Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ceiling treatment

Because I'd rather blog than work today (or any day for that matter), I'll tell you about our idea for ceiling treatments.

Before I start, you'll notice that I just recently started sharing details and ideas for our big day. We tell people that we haven't done much planning to-date, which is technically true (we've only booked the big ticket items), but we (mostly I) have siffed through lots of different ideas when it comes the details. We were keeping things hush-hush for two reasons. 1) This one is all me, with so many other couples planning their wedding last year, I was paranoid about others stealing my ideas. But now that I'm a year older and a touch wiser, I realize that ideas are constantly recycled/stolen in the wedding realm. I also realize that everyone has their own ideas. It also helps that Weddingpalooza 2010 is coming to a close (soon). 2) We wanted to keep everything a secret because we wanted to surprise our guests. But you know what, there's going to be a lot of surprises! So we should share a thing or two so that people aren't overwhelmed.

Our reception is going to be tented. Tent = blank canvas, we can do what ever we want with it. At first the thought is a little nerve wracking, but then you get over it. There are all sorts of possibilites such as clear tent ceilings, no ceiling panels, chandeliers, draping, etc. There is also the tried and true paper laterns like so:

Kate Parker Weddings.

After some research, I found out that clear panels aren't good for center pieces (too much direct sunlight) and drapery is expensive. Paper laterns are easy, simple, but over done. We want something different, but what we weren't really sure of. I don't remember what I was surfing the web for one day (I'm sure it was wedding related though), when I stumbled across a photo that made the clouds part and the angels sing. Seriously, it was an "aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh" moment.

via Design Swan.

Umbrella's hung upside down from the ceiling. How cool is that?! It definitely is different. Check out Design Swan's page here for more umbrella action.

Here is a neat combination of lanterns and umbrella's:

Photographer unknown, found via flicker.

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  1. ahhhh sooooo coooooool!! I like this a lot! The ones in the Design Swan image are so great since they have the flower pattern on them. I thought they were just flowers until I read what you wrote.