Monday, June 3, 2013


I'm just having one of those days.

I lost my Michael Kors watch. I am so pissed and disappointed at myself, it's not even funny.  Update, watch has been found! I'm a moron and left it at a friend's house. #firstworldproblem

Taken with HTC Droid, right after I had it sized. Ugh, not even a year ago.

My stupid finger hurts like a biatch. But that's my own damn fault for not taking my medication regularly. #firstworldproblem

I'm discouraged and fed up with house hunting. Granted we just started a month ago, but finding out what your money can't get you out here blows donkey nads. I wished that I didn't have an eye for quality construction. #firstworldproblem

I ate 2 of my lemon cupcakes yesterday and was disappointed that I a) sold them to a client and b) fed them to friends. They were neither lemony nor light fluffy. Ugh. The cake was dense and dry, and that's one of my pet peeves about commercial cupcakes! #firstworldproblem

Sorry this is such a negative post; I just needed to vent. Sigh. I wish that I was home catching up on past seasons of Arrested Development.


  1. Hey! Awww I'm so sorry I didn't find it sooner for you. I hate the feeling of loosing something I love. And I hope the cupcakes you're referring to aren't the ones you brought over - they were great! And pretty!

    1. Please don't be. I'm forever grateful that you found it!! Thank you! Next write-in, I'll bring chocolate cupcakes; I have a foolproof recipe =)