Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Red dress - muslin fitting #2

Here is a quick refresher of what my dress will look like:

My dress as designed by me and Barbara and Charles of Anchorage Nine.
Sketch by Charles Gryor Flores DeRupé.

Here it is after the second muslin fitting:

Please excuse the crappy self portrait.

Please excuse the crappy phone photo. Apparently, I have shaky hands when it comes to taking photos with my phone. It's O.K., you can say it, "OMG it looks like crap". Both Barbara and I agreed that the photo does not do the muslin justice.
  • The collar isn't quite there yet, we were trying to decide how we wanted it with a flimsy piece of cotton and lots of sewing pins.
  • The shoulders look wider than it actually will be.
  • The bodice is bunching because the edge of the fabric are not pinned in.
  • The skirt is:
    • super wrinkly
    • 2 inches too long
    • too wide. in this photo, it's a full circle, it will be reduced down to 3/4 of a circle for the next fitting.
  • And that black thing you see on my abdomen? That's a frog button, it is definitely too big and the wrong color.
Now that I'm staring at this photo, I'm wondering if I need to lengthen the bodice by just a tad...it looks like I have a really short and boxy torso right now. Maybe it's just that bad of a photo?

Because of all the adjustments we've made, Barbara and Charles will redo the muslin instead of continuing to work on this one. While they do that, I will work on bribing someone to negotiate, purchase, and deliver the fabric for part of my dress. The bodice will be made from a traditional silk brocade. The material that will be used for the skirt is still undetermined.  

Dragon and pheonix pattern from Pearl River Mart.

Red dress: muslin fitting #1
Milestone: Red dress

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  1. Even if it isn't a great picture, I get the gist of it, and I like it!