Wednesday, January 19, 2011

7 months

Today's post has been brought to you by the number seven.

*sigh* I've been feeling a bit stressed out lately, but that's because of pressures that I've put on myself. I hear you laughing at me. You knew I was going to do that to myself. I always do that. I blame my super type-A personality.

I gave myself the 1/20/11 as a deadline to send out the save-the-dates and a newsletter (magazine style) to our wedding party. The website has been up for about a year, BUUUUUUUUUT I had left of bunch of stuff as TBD. Now I can't really send out save-the-dates with a URL to an unfinished website. I could, but how unprofessional would that be? Unfortunately for me work continues to be next to impossible. Meaning that I have zero time during the day to work on wedding stuff, not that I should be. And by the time I get home from work, I'm too tired to want to work on project. Come the weekend, I'm a lazy heap on the couch and the only thing I can do is watch HGTV and stuff my face with food.

Anyways, enough complaining from me. Here's to hoping that everything get's done either tonight or tomorrow. If not, I'm sure that no one will care that the STDs went out a few days late.

8 - 10 Months before the wedding
Select your bridal party and request their participation in your special day - Done. See the Wedding Crew page. 
Interview and hire the following:
     Wedding officiant - Done. See the Wedding Crew page.
     Reception Caterer - In the works. We've tested out 2 caterers and we have a third one to taste next weekend.
     Photographer - Done. Didn't you see our awesome engagement sesh?
     Videographer - NEED! 
     Band or DJ - DJ interviewed, chosen, just need to sign the contract. 
Decide on bridesmaids dresses - One bridesmaid is done, now we just need the MOH and the groomswoman.  
Start compiling names & addresses for the guest list - We started compiling a list of email address. Mailing address will be obtained via Google documents when we send out our save-the-dates.
Sign up for a gift registry - Done, modest, but done. 
Engagement party - Not going to happen, who are we, rich people? 

5 - 7 Months before the wedding
Finalize the guest list - Done 
Shop for your wedding stationery - Not neccessary. What is neccessary is for me to finish doing print tests on my printer, purchase the paper, print, and assemble them. 
Arrange accommodations - In the works. We had picked a place, but it turns out a) they aren't big enough to host either our welcome dinner or day-after brunch, and b) they can host outside, but we'd have to shell out for a tent and pay their gigantic fee.
Select your wedding cake - We're not having cake. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!! 
Begin preparations for your honeymoon - We're going to wait on the honeymoon.  

8 months
9 months
11 months

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