Thursday, February 25, 2010

I ♥ Font

Yes, that's right, I've fallen for a font. This isn't just any font, it's THE font that we will be using for all of our stationary. I use the word we, because Jake is very excited to help me put together all of our paper products. What paper products you ask? Well there's the save the dates (referred to as STDs in wedding speak- HAHA), invitations, escort cards, menus, thank you cards, table numbers, etc. I plan to design and create all of it. I've actually been working on the design aspect mentally for the last 3 months!

May I introduce, Kon Tiki Enchanted from Veer:

Bear with me as I know nothing about typography, but I will try and describe why this is totally "us." This font is not too "froofy" or "scripty" like some other fonts I've seen on wedding invitations; it has just enough "loopage" to be a touch on the formal side. The characters are wide (see the capital letters) and spaced out reflecting our laid-back side, more so Jake than myself. It's clean, simple, and not fussy. It feels like a modern take on an old classic with a dash of quirk.  But, most important of all, it's just FUN!

There is one con for using this font: it costs money, $49.00 to be exact. I searched high and low for something similar and free, but nothing struck a cord with us. The closest I could find was Honey Script from dafont. The character spacing is just too tight for our liking. Since this will be costing us money, I'm going to be using it on everything, even Christmas cards!

Besides liking the font for itself, Jake also likes the name of the font. Story time! Kon-tiki is the name of a raft used by a Norwegian scientist named Thor Heyerdahl and his crew to sail across the Pacific Ocean (Peru to Polynesia). Kon-tiki was constructed out of balsa, pine, bamboo, and hemp. Heyerdahl hypothesized that Polynesians originated from South America. He set out by building and sailing a raft likely built in the 15th century by locals. His hypothesis was proved to be plausible. 

It's like our name in lights!

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  1. i LOVE it!! It looks SO good in your names. I love how you crack yourself up mid-blog (I do that too), lol.