Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Team Wedding!

Weddings are a personal matter. Attire, rings, ceremony music, type of ceremony, etc., these are all very personal decisions to be made by the bride and groom. We hired a wedding planner. Everyone has an opinion about wedding planners. Whether it be good or bad, everyone has an opinion. This was our choice, we want help, professional help. Some loved planning their wedding and would give anything to do it again, that's not us. We're not wedding planning people, it's just not how we roll. I'm going to be honest, I was very hesitant to tell people in general or even mention it here. But this is our blog, it is a scrapbook of our wedding journey and I want to capture every step we take along the way.

So after 5+ months of being engaged (holy crap that's almost half a year!) , we've finally taken our first major step. I present to you Team Wedding:

Jake, Me, and Paula!

Our planner is Paula of Marrero Events. If you could combine my personality and Jake's, you'd get Paula. She is an absolute riot, has a no-nonsense approach when the situation calls, and the best part, she's frugal. We'll be counting on her to keep us on track (because you know how spacey Jake can get and how obsessive compulsive I can be) and to teach us how enjoy the entire planning process. I didn’t tell Paula immediately after we’d decided. She and I had gone through a few rounds of questioning already. I was dying to tell her, but I wanted to keep her on her toes and have her answer one last round of questions. Hey, suspense is good for the soul.

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  1. Yay! I was expecting a picture of you guys in a huddle or like with your hands in the middle about to yell "Break!", lol, like a football team. haha.