Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nursery cuteness

This year, our friends [and the two of us] have welcomed 6 little one's into our lives.

D - March/April - Massachusetts - #1
A - April/May - Massachusetts - #1
R - July - Oregon - #2
D - July - Texas - #2
L - July - Colorado - #2
H - August - Massachusetts - #1
(Haha...all our friends in MA are only on kid #1, while our friends in the rest of the country are have it in the bag and are onto #2)

And soon, it will be 7. Baby J, I can't wait to meet you! So, naturally, I have come across some baby things, such as SUPER ADORABLE nursery designs as you have already seen here and MELT YOU HEART baby shoes like this. Today, I found nursery decor that makes me want to go running to my printer.

Perfectly Imperfect

How CUTE are those alphabet signs? I followed the links to the source only to find more awesom-ness.
The Handmade Home

They are called alphafantastical insta-decor. That name just makes me giddy. Check out Ashley over at The Handmade Home for more gorgeousness, great ideas, and freebies!

P.S. Yes, I am avoiding the wedding recaps. Why? It's because a) I need to talk about the red dress that never was, and b) I tend to focus on the bad things or things that weren't to my standards. You'll see.


  1. hi. can we pay you to decorate our baby room? :) you would probably be ashamed at it's blandness.

  2. No you can't pay me. But I would LOVE do it for free!!!