Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Supper Club: June 2014, Eat Local

I either I was in a former life or I should have been a 50's housewife that threw fabulous dinner parties. I tried to host a few back in college, but what college student has the time or the money? I surely didn't. Back then, it was so much easier just to say "Oh, the [football] game is on, let's get together and watch it with food and beers." 

A couple years ago, I decided to start up a dinner club and call it Supper Club. The premise is themed dinner parties, once a month, potluck style. Jake warned me about going overboard with my decorating. Perhaps I did. But that's how I like to roll.

Supper Club June 2014
Theme: Eat Local. Each dish must include one locally sourced ingredient.

The morning of the party, I picked flowering oregano from my friends' garden for decoration.

The setup on our patio. OK, so I did go overboard and rent the chairs. They were only $1 each for the weekend (and the guy at Taylor Rentals Arlington was super cute.)

Hey oh! Beer cocktails!!


Dessert: Strawberry angel food cake trifle, made in honor of Jake's bday. But he wouldn't let us sing to him.

The crew for the inaugural dinner. Great friends, homemade food, and tasty drinks make for an awesome evening. 


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