Thursday, December 15, 2011

Everything but the Cow:Black Raspberry Chipotle Chicken

Garnished with sesame seeds and served with a side of white rice.
(Yes, I know brown rice is healthier, but I grew up on the white stuff.)

Sweet and spicy. YUM! I followed the Black Raspberry Chipotle Chicken recipe from Stonewall Kitchen with a few adjustments.
  • I didn't pound my chicken cutlets thin. I was being lazy and just left them as is.
  • I didn't use the Stonewall Kitchen spice rub. I used Kansas steak seasoning from Dino's Park n' Shop. Not sure what's in it, but I think it gave my chicken an extra zing.
  • Halved the amount of cilantro. I HATE the taste of cilantro, so I reduced it. I probably should have used the full cup the recipe called for to balance the heat.
  • Substituted rice vinegar for cider vinegar. I didn't realize I was out of cider vinegar and was far too lazy to go back to the store.

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