Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Proposal

We had an amazing day at the Oregon Coast. I took Jake to the Tillamook Cheese Factory and introduced him to squeaky cheese (fresh cheese curds). We then spent the afternoon on the beach flying a kite (a Beavers kit mind you) and building a big sand castle.

That evening, we're watching the sun set. Our whole purpose of going to the coast was to watch a West Coast sunset over the Pacific Ocean. I'm completely absorbed in taking tons of pictures of the sun setting. Jake keeps trying to get my attention. I remember saying "just a sec, taking pictures." The camera battery dies, and he's thinking "THANK GOD!" Now that he's got my undivided attention, he asked me if I wanted him to "jau hoi" (Cantonese for "go away", it's what l'll tell Jake when he's bothering me). I told him no, and that's when he proceeded to say "good since I don't want to 'jau hoi' ever". That's when he got down on one knee and told me that he want to grow old with me and asked if I would marry him.

This is the part where I totally froze up. I was in complete shock since I didn't think he'd be proposing for at least another year. I remember staring at him and then the ring, back at him, and then the ring. I was like "what just happened?" After about a minute of shell shock, I did manage to say "yes."


  1. That's such a wonderful story :) Very "awwwww" inducing.

  2. Congratulations again Cel and Jake. I wish you both the best! - Beau and Kendra